Spray Tan

Spray Tan

During your appointment, we will figure out the best color for you. You will than be airbrushed with a golden bronze hue which will last 7-10 days depending on your home care. The appointment should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.  $40

 Before You Glow

1. Day of, exfoliate with an abrasive glove or mitt in shower

2. Shave the day before tan

3. Avoid waxing day of tan

4. No pedicure day of tan

5. Remove all face makeup prior to tan

6. Have hair pulled back, no jewelry 


1. Must wear loose fitting clothing (no leggings, jeans or sports bra)

2. Stay dry the entire processing time

3. Lightly pat skin dry after showering (no rubbing or scrubbing)

4. Moisturize DAILY